Big White Telephone

1 –
All in all, it all began
on my way home
When I was passing the bar
on the corner
There were Dam and Rico,
Joao do Brazil
Martin, Pierro, Jipiño,
JC and Phil

Now I’m in my toilets
Bended on my knees
Talking to god on the…
Big white telephone

2 –
They hailed me accross the street,
come and join us
You would’nt dare to go
whithout a drink
Well, I parked my motor bike,
and pushed the bar’s door
Say, hello there, is it a little
beer left for me

3 –
We wetted our whistles
my friends and I
We spoke about all and nothing
had a bunch of laughs
We turn into bar flies
visiting the city
And beer after beer, we finally
built a better world

4 –
Finally when the bars closed up
we where really well-oiled
It seems it was too early for
some of us to go to bed
We went at one’s home
who cares who it was
There were nothing left to drink
when we finally went home

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