Lost Cat

I lost my cat Saturday night
My sweet little cat
It’s gone away out of my sight
in the field of frightening bats

Where are you missing beast?
In the east in the west
Where are you ? missing beast
Still alive? are you dead?

In wich part of the neighbourhood
Does your shaggy body lie
Under a log hiding in a wood
Swiming in a pool of blood

I rummaged through every place
where I used to see your mouth
And I shake everythings up
In the attic in the shed

Where are you missing beast

on the doorstep I stand up,
my gosht’s shadow hit the ground
I discern in the pitch-dark place
Many forms… evil dancer

I envy you snakes in the grass
No possessions no surrender
Just to take out your hairy ass
follow your instinct little scrapper

If I lost my head, if I were brave
I would jump onto the wild
I want to feel when freedom is real
I will pursue on your trail

I hear behind me the Siren voices
They would like to keep me home
The better for me the safer for me
I saw your bright eyes on the plain

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