Too too too too (the uselessness of song writing)

What if I just can’t work it out,
Will it build a wall of doubt ?
Will I lose all faith in myself ?
Yes, what if I can’t do it in style ?
Will I suffer, will I cry ?
Will it break something in me ?
Or will I just cruise through ?
Singin’ too too too too, too too too, too too too too, too too too,
Just singin’ , too too too too, too too too, too too too too, too too too.

1 –
Am I writing songs just to be heard ?
Songs that no one’ll ever listen to ?
Well, who cares about lyrics,
When, all we need is good gimmicks.

Whatever I’m saying in my song,
No one wants to get it anyway,
Or just a few words to sing along,
When the chorus will lead the way.

2 –
Am I writing songs just to show off ?
Songs to prove that I can be somebody ?
But, who cares about my style,
So many songwriters are standing by.

Whatever I can write in my tunes,
There’s already 6 million songs in iTunes.
It’s just a drop in an ocean of sound,
To be classified in the lost but not found !

3 –
Am I writing songs just for myself ?
Songs to prove to me that I can handle it ?
Well, who cares about my tales,
Is there really still some new stories to tell ?

No matter what I could write or score,
That was already written before,
It’s like if it was the same old story,
Repeated over and over again, always.

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