Run boy, run !

1 –
You are thrown to life screaming and bloody,
Life is very sweet, no memories until you’re three.
Then you go to school and think that you are a big boy,
But you grow taller and then you change your kinda toy.

2 –
You think you’re too young, and you wait to be eighteen,
You’ll do all what you want, that’s great, (well) you know what I mean.
You already imagine all what you’ll be able to do.
But one day, you wake up and you’re already twenty-two.

3 –
You plan to have a good job to get all you need before thirty,
Got a wife, two kids, a big house, two cars and pretty doggie.
The working life is boring, welcome to the everyday routine,
You’re running on « e », man, don’t look back it’s the forties spleen.

4 –
You wait for your kids to fly solo and set you free, don’t you ?
When fifty, you’ll be able to do what you always wanted to.
In those days of nostalgic memory, you hope to be ageless,
But you’re sixty now, you can’t hide it, it’s written on your face.

5 –
You want to be a retired person now, to travel the world around,
You think you have your life ahead, (but) are you sure to be so strong.
Coz’ time is still moving fast, and before long you’ll become ill.
You own your own zimmer, centenary, and you’re waiting for you pill.

Refrain –
Run boy, run ! Run boy, run !
Life goes faster every day.
Run boy, run ! Run boy, run !
It won’t slow down anyway.
You speed right into the wall,
(There will be) no escape at all.

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