Kooky Weather

1 –
The street is really silent,
Under this heavy smokey sky.
The wind’s becoming violent,
Rain has been falling all the night.

The temperature is getting low,
The atmosphere is bittersweet.
Now the life seems to go-slow,
Nobody’s out in the street.

Ref –
You’ve always been in love with fair weather,
Long hot summers, and short winters.
But now bad weather, always comes back sooner,
You hate that fuckin’… kooky weather !

2 –
It’s not just a rainy sunday,
To you it sounds like a signal.
There wil be no more sunny days,
Autumn is here, once and for all.

I hear you complain about
The foul summer that we have had.
The lack of sun there’s no doubt,
Turned your mood from good to bad.

3 –
You say that autumn will be ugly,
And that winter will be worse (the worst).
Because when summer is nasty,
It’s just like if we’ve been cursed.

You remember with regrets,
The times when the whole summer
You were barbecuing whith your mates,
Without using a cover.

4 –
But next year it will be okay,
You won’t stay here for summer.
You’ll gonna sunbathe everyday,
And you’ll do the same in winter.

The temperature will be fine
The atmosphere will be pleasant.
You will lay out in the sunshine.
After swimming in the torrent.

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